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Bihar has been hit by a terrible flood. It is one of the worst disasters to strike the country. It is worse than the Tsunami, worse than the Gujarat Earthquake. Several million people have been affected. Entire districts - villages and towns - have been washed away. The number of people dead is not even known.

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Parivartan School
AID Mumbai is working with Parivartan Shikshan Sanstha to help kids who have dropped out of school or cannot go to school because of economic / social reasons.

Parivartan Shikshan Sanstha was set up in 1997 to provide non-formal education to children in Sangam Nagar, Wadala (East). This slum is home to around 200,000 people, mostly migrant workers, and the nearest Municipal school is at 45 minute walk. For 2005-06 Parivartan wishes to provide for the education of 100 children.  
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   Kids at Parivartan School
Archive: From 2005 -Monsoon Rain Relief Efforts
The worst affected from the monsoon floods are those on the threshold of survival whose capacity to take any more shocks is very little. As large number of Mumbai slums have been affected, AID Mumbai had decided to focus its effort on the areas where it was already working with partner organizations in providing relief to people who are affected. Below are links to volunteer and partner reports
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AID is committed to the cause of alleviating poverty in India measuring progress through the yard-sticks of self-reliance, people's involvement and volunteerism. AID supports projects that empowering poor and marginalized communities in India through various social developmental efforts in areas such as women's issues, education, literacy, micro-credit, community health, sustainable livelihoods, watershed development and environmental issues.